Up to 97% success rate for weed control in maize crops with ENVO-DAN’s E-Therm Selekt

ENVO-DAN in row weed burner E-Therm Selekt best solution for farmers in maize cultivation. In organic maize production, a selective method of weed control in the row is needed after crop emergence. In conventional maize, row burning can be an IPM...

Europe needs to ban the harmful pesticide glyphosate

Why do farmers use glyphosate? The most frequently used pesticide in the world, glyphosate, has been connected to a number of cancers as well as having a negative impact on both human health and the environment. Why is glyphosate used in...

Danish invention improves Nordic agriculture with an alternative to traditional weed control

Organic farmers replace chemical weed control with alternatives For many decades, farmers have used everything from manual to chemical weed control. In recent years, burning off unwanted vegetation has become more common, but this required...

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Weeds challenge in onion fields

Weeds challenge in onion fields

Onions, unlike some other crops, develop very little leaf material. In crops where a canopy is formed, leaf material is very useful in suppressing...

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