Disinfection by weed burners  helps the Hungarian farmers

We are delighted to start this new adventure in the Hungarian market, where the opportunity to help both organic farming and disinfection makes us very enthusiastic, so we can continue to work on what we are passionate about: the environment and the commitment to keep it safe.

How can we help the Hungarian agricultural sector? These are some of the strengths that we at ENVO-DAN are proudest to hold to high standards.

Short-term payback with up to 40% gas savings

Up to 40% savings in gas consumption. Our weed burners are designed and manufactured to provide you with maximum field uptime for weed control in organic vegetable production. At the same time, they can reduce gas consumption by up to 40%. ENVO-DAN has been manufacturing these weed burners for more than 27 years. This is your guarantee of a good investment.

Documented gas consumption

ENVO-DAN has developed an optimised and patented combustion system. This has been tested at Aarhus University, where they concluded that our weed burners are the most efficient on the market, with proven savings of up to 40% in gas consumption, allowing you to weed control larger areas with the same amount of gas and save time by refuelling less often.

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ENVO-DAN’s weed burners have attracted attention throughout Europe, New Zealand, and America. In Hungary, we started a new adventure where our weed burners have been well accepted.

We individually adapted the equipment to your needs and your crops   

When you order an ENVO-DAN E-Therm weed burner, we design it to meet your needs. Our weed burners are available in widths from 1.5 m to 9.2 m. Models over 3.2 m wide can be hydraulically folded and can therefore be legally transported by road.

Weed control in windy weather  

The E-Therm is equipped with an air supply, which creates overpressure under the shield. This makes you able to operate at wind speeds up to 12 metres per second, and it does not have any effect on the process of weed burning. This ensures uniform weed control regardless of wind conditions and wind speed. E-Therm is one of the most energy-efficient weed burners on the market. Not only because it helps you save up to 40% but also because it avoids losing days of work when the wind blows hard.

We work with the same enthusiasm as the first day, so each project is unique. We focus on knowing well the needs of our customers, which also makes us maintain a long-term relationship to work together and, between us, develop the best solution that suits them.

ENVO-DAN’s constant aspiration is to establish long-lasting relationships, and we are happy to welcome prospective customers for a visit and a briefing on what we can offer.

We offer them the opportunity to visit farmers who have been working with our weed burners for years. This is a unique opportunity to learn in the field about our E-Therm system.

If you want to know more about us, we invite you to visit our website, get in touch with us, or watch our videos. You can also follow us on LinkedinInstagram, Youtube, and Facebook channels.

If you need a solution to fight weeds, disinfection on a farm, sterilisation, or the elimination of bacteria or pests, please contact us, and we will be happy to cooperate to solve your problem.

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Ole Bo Jensen, Owner ENVO-DAN