Weed control for Municipalities

Professional E-Therm weed burners for municipalities

We have a wide selection of weed burners, specially developed for weed control and disinfection in municipal areas, parks, gardens, sidewalks and similar outdoor areas. The width ranges from 0.5 to 1.2 metres and the machine can be mounted on any type of tool carrier or tractor.

Our product range includes a special E-Therm series designed for municipalities. These are made to reduce the use of propane gas and CO₂ emissions.

Professional weed burners

ENVO-DAN’s E-Therm programme is developed with specific consideration of the working environment.

Partly because the noise reduction is so efficient that several municipalities have asked to get an indicator mounted that can show that the weed burner is running because the noise from the tool carrier drowns out  the sound from the low noise burner.

In addition, the weed burner is designed for front mounting, which ensures that the driver does not need to constantly look over his shoulder.

ENVO-DAN’s E-Therm burners use 40 percent less propane gas and thereby also 40 percent less CO2, which ensures that the driver is not exposed to exact amounts of CO2 as on previously known burners.

general about et envo dan denmark
general about et envo dan denmark

ET 500 and ET 700

ET 500 and ET 700 are ENVO-DANs smallest professional weed burners. With only 50 and 70 centimetres, ET 500 and ET 700 are especially suited for weeding between gravel paths and grass areas, as well as they can be used in combination as shown below.

Both ET 500 and ET 700 can be mounted on any kind of tool carrier.

et 500 and et 750 envo dan denmark

ET 1000

ET 1000 is a good standard weed burner, which is available from 1 metre to 1.2 metres width.

It can enter difficult places due to its high flexibility and exactly therefore ET 1000 is one of ENVO-DANs most popular professional weed burners when it comes to Municipalities.

et 1000 envo dan denmark

ET 500/1000 combi

This is a good and very flexible machine, where the two burners can be used separately or together when it is needed.

When weeding between gravel paths and grass areas, you can settle with ET 500, while the combined version is good for larger areas and paths.

et 500 1000 combi envo dan denmark

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burners for Municipialities

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E-Therm professional weed burners for municipalities.

ENVO-DAN professional weed burners

Based on our many years of experience with the construction and manufacturing of professional weed burners, we have developed a new generation of machines with a focus on high energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

Advantages of our professional weed burners:

  • Low noise
  • Energy efficiency– average reduction of gas consumption: -40%
  • Low CO2 emissions

Also used for disinfection and drying on roads, paths, farms, municipalities and parks.

  • Propane consumption: 6 kg/hour
  • Working speed: approx. 4 km/hour
  • Working width: 50/100 cm (or according to customer demands)