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Danish quality for organic farmers

We manufacture weed burners at our own factory in Denmark. All machines must pass a strict quality control, before they are sent to organic farmers worldwide.

We are proud to deliver a high level of Danish quality and service to existing and new customers.

Try our system with up to 40% less propane gas consumption!

Organic farmers seek to avoid and reduce the use of pesticides. They look for alternatives, but with low overall costs in mind.

Our weed burners ensure the lowest possible usage of propane gas. Do you want to try it?

ENVO-DAN offers a unique and patented weed control system for professionals

ENVO-DAN has many years of experience with the production of weed burners in all sizes and for many purposes. Our world patented E-Therm system reduces propane gas consumption by up to 40%, and lowers the noise level significantly.

We produce weed burners for organic agriculture and municipalities. Every machine is individually adapted to meet the particular needs of our customers. For organic farmers, the weed burners are specially designed to fit the beds or ridges in their organic production.

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Up to 40% reduction in propane gas usage means a short repayment period. Contact us for more information.

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The worldwide patented system,       E-Therm, ensures the lowest possible propane gas usage, minimising your costs.

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E-Therm Selekt

We design the weed burner to fit the individual cultivation systems of your vegetable production.

Reliable weed-burning equipment

Working hours in the field of organic farming must be spent efficiently. Therefore farmers depend on reliable equipment. ENVO-DAN agricultural weed burners are developed and produced with the customer in mind. High quality and reliability have been the main focus areas in our production of machines for more than 25 years.

Together with a newly developed service module, this ensures the best possible efficiency of your weed-burning equipment.

Emergency service for your farming equipment

We are aware of how important it is for farmers to avoid equipment downtime when working in the field. But we also know that things don’t always go as planned. You can trust us to help get your machinery back up and running as fast as whatever is possible and in our hands.

Benefits of our committed after-sales-service:

  • You can reach us 24 hours a day!
    • Direct access to our online support system
      • Watch our video instructions via smartphone or desktop

      Our service technicians are trained to give you qualified assistance with all models of our range of E-Therm and E-Therm Selekt weed burners. Just reach out for service and support – contact us!

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