The importance of weed control in maize is recognised worldwide, with losses assessed without any weeding at up to 40% in Spain, 45% in Germany,  50% in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), and 33% in Asia Pacific Region, and reports have estimated global losses in total maize production due to weeds at around 37%.

Competition between unwanted weeds and maize occurs mainly in the early stages of the maize crop, due to their late emergence and slow growth in the first weeks, with the critical period being assessed by some authors as being between the second and fourth weeks after emergence and by others between the third and fifth weeks. This makes it necessary to keep the soil free of weeds for as long as possible, from the moment the maize emerges, but mainly in the first two months, since, from that moment on, the rapid development of the crop allows it to compete favorably with weeds.

The best timing for using weed burner E-Therm Selekt

Weeding is not only based on the use of herbicides but also on other weed control measures, such as crop rotation, tillage, sowing density, fertilisation, irrigation, drainage, etc. However, since the most effective and economical method to date has been the use of chemical products, you may consider: what to do when the chemical solution is not the right choice for the environment.

The best option without chemical products is the weed burner from ENVO-DAN. The new E-Therm Selekt is an innovative in-row weed burner system by ENVO-DAN. The most effective agricultural weed burners on the market are for corn or similar crops.

How can E-Therm System reduce propane gas consumption?

How can our system reduce gas consumption by up to 40 percent compared to other weed burners? This is achieved by ensuring an optimised gas and, air mix during combustion and at the same time, protecting the combustion against the surrounding wind. Hereby, the heat from the combustion is fully utilised for weed control, which results in high efficiency. This makes our system unique.

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The advantages of an in-row burner

The E-Therm Selekt is an in-row burner designed in such a way that effective burning is possible in well-developed crops. This machine has burner hoods in front, where leaves lifting guides are mounted. These collect the leaves and keep them upright as far as possible, to ensure that the heat can enter the row, exactly where the germinating weeds have to be controlled.

The in-row weed burner also emits heat through the sides. In this way, weed control takes place in the rows of crops. At the same time, the burning in the crop rows provides thermal control for young weeds. The idea with burning in-row is to protect the crop while no new weeds are awakened and there is no danger of root damage, as is the case with the hoe. Root damage often results in stunted crop growth and is a gateway for diseases that can kill the plant.

E-Therm Selekt is built in cooperation with the customer and according to the customer’s needs, so we make sure that the burner exactly fits the cornfield. We designed the weed burner for both front and rear mounting.

Try our machines – reduce your costs and manage the weed control in your organic production in a better way! With the investment in an agricultural weed burner from ENVO-DAN, your weed burning will be an effective organic and sustainable solution.

Learn more about our E-Therm Selekt system and the advantages of this in-row burner

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Ole Bo Jensen, Owner ENVO-DAN