Organic farmers replace chemical weed control with alternatives

For many decades, farmers have used everything from manual to chemical weed control. In recent years, burning off unwanted vegetation has become more common, but this required investment in equipment that was far too expensive for many farmers. Now there is an appealing alternative through the Danish innovator ENVO-DAN.

The inventor of this alternative and unique weed killer, Ole B. Jensen, tells the following about the equipment that ENOV-DAN markets, both in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

Our weed burners save up to 40% propane gas compared to other similar alternatives, and are available in different widths. The propane gas tank itself can be mounted either on the burner itself or on the front loader of the tractor. All our machines are fully customised to the customer’s needs”, says Ole B. Jensen.

ENVO-DAN weed killers have attracted attention across parts of Europe and patents are held by Ole B. Jensen. In Sweden, the company has delivered five weed burners and the demand has been growing.

Young crop in organic farming

Young crops in organic farming

“What makes our invention unique is that we have designed machines that can burn weeds on an onion crop without damaging the onion. Potato growers use the agricultural weed burner to burn the potato blossom, or burn off weeds and pests that may go on the potato root, in a very efficient way. Several pesticides are now totally banned in the EU, and that’s where our line comes in,” says Ole B. Jensen.

Organic farmers rely on our support 24-7

We offer service and support to all our customers, whenever they need help. The weed burner comes with an app with maintenance instructions, a troubleshooting schedule, a spare parts list with parts for immediate delivery, and an emergency number where our service technicians answer around the clock which is a great support for all customers.

The delivery time for the weed burner is four to eight weeks. The peak season is from January to June when farmers usually place their orders. ENVO-DAN offers a starter package with weed burner, shipping and on-site start-up. All weed burners are thoroughly tested before delivery.

“We always go into the field together with the customer to instruct and start up the weed burner so that the customer feels safe and knows what steps to take,” says Ole.

One new development is that ENVO-DAN has developed a machine for combating bacteria in poultry houses. When premises need to be disinfected, they are usually sprayed with antibacterial gas. However, it has proved difficult to combat beetles on the floor. This is where our equipment comes in handy, as it burns the bacteria off the floor surface, leaving it completely free of harmful bacteria.


Long-term customer relationship

Our constant ambition is to build long-lasting business relationships, and the company is happy to receive prospective customers for a tour and a briefing on what it can offer. Via Ole B. Jensen, for example, they are given the opportunity to visit farms that have invested in the company’s weed burners.

There are five farms in southern Sweden that use our weed burners, and they are also present in both Norway and Finland. “We want to continue to grow and in that respect the Nordic market with Sweden in the lead is very interesting”, says Ole B. Jensen.

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Ole Bo Jensen, Owner ENVO-DAN